Thetford Forest

17th Apr 2020

Our spring event is open for entry! Join us on Friday April 17th for another magical Night trail event, in the dark, through Thetford Forest. It’s an amazing experience running around the forest, at night, with a trail of headtorches around you. If you’d like to know what to expect, you can read a review of our October 2019 event here:

To enter you’ll need to bring a head torch or torch, and wear hi-vis. It really is a great experience! You’ll receive a bespoke glow in the dark medal and free event photos.

You can park at Thetford Forest. The Foresty Commission have changed their pricing structure so next year, you just need to pay on the night and it’ll be cheaper.

Canicross and normal 10K entries available.

Photos from our previous events can be found and downloaded for free on the Epic Action Imagery website

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Start time 2000

Cut off time 2 hours

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